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MUI Treasury is an ecosystem of Material-UI

Why Mui Treasury exists?

Here is my purposes

Reduce UI Development time

Great UI must be reusable. I strongly believe that this project will reduce development time significantly for any project based on Material-UI

Provide real-world interface

Material-UI is a great library but it still has fewer components compare to real-world usage. This project is like an extra resources for Material-UI developers

Changing styles should be easy & fun

I found that many people have bad experience when it comes to styling in Material-UI, so I want to help them overcome that point and see the beauty of it.

Composable & Reusable

Every components in this project are composable & reusable. You can use them in anywhere or as a nested component.


Mui Treasury comes with multiple packages as an ecosystem, available on both npm & yarn

Better experience for developers

Not only components but also Form, Layout and Themes that you can explore in this project.

Styling is fun!

Styles must be dynamic and flexible, you must be able change it whenever you want!

Sarah Onella

23 y.o • Canada

import { useFadedShadowStyles } from "@mui-treasury/styles/shadow";
import { useBouncyShadowStyles } from "@mui-treasury/styles/shadow";
import { useFloatShadowStyles } from "@mui-treasury/styles/shadow";
import { useLightTopShadowStyles } from "@mui-treasury/styles/shadow";
import { useOverShadowStyles } from "@mui-treasury/styles/shadow";
import { useSoftRiseShadowStyles } from "@mui-treasury/styles/shadow";

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